Fun and Useful Next Gen Social GeoShake Under development

The world will be a little bit easier

We believe the worlD will be easier with our app

Useful and fun


The app have a great potential to be useful in every day life

Funny and addictive

Social app gamification


The app will have an immense impact if adopted widely

I believe the app will be enormous success and might be the next Facebook



Life will be easier and faster!

Highlighted Features

Free for all

The app will be free to use

Multi Platforms

Available for desktops ,android and iOS

Social reinvented

Social interactions reinvented

Great Potential

The app will have features that can help in every aspect of our live

In-app purchase

The app will contain in-app purchases and will feature partners in a reinvented way


Posts will be moderated by IA and humains to avoid unwanted posts

Every day life utiility
Potential clients

Want to invest ?

GeoShake is product of Miras SAS. © , please send a mail to or use the button below

A new horizon will be DiSCovered

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